Goya Agro Industries Limited are the market leaders in the production of Liquid Glucose and MDP in Northern India. The manufacturing Plant is the most modern and automated producing the best quality of Liquid Glucose making Goya Agro Industries Limited the leaders.
Glucose is produced commercially via the enzymatic hudrolysis of Starch. Many crops can be used as the source of starch. Maize, Rice, Wheat, Potato, Cassava, Arrowroot and Sago are all used in various parts of the world.
This enzymatic process has two stages. Over the course of 1-2 hours near 100 C, these enzymes hydrolyze starch into smaller carbohydrates containing on average 5-10 glucose units each. Some variations on this process briefly heat the starch mixture to 130 C or hotter one or more times. This heat treatment improves the solubility of starch in water, but deactivates the enzyme, and fresh enzyme must be added to the mixture after each heating.
Goya Agro Industries Ltd. specializes in producing world class Sorbitol 70% (Non Crystalline) from Starch. Sorbitol is a sugar substitute. It is listed under the inactive ingredients listed for some foods and products. Its INS number and E-number is 420. Sorbitol has approximately 60% the sweetness of sucrose (table sugar). Sorbitol is referred to as a nutritive sweetener because it provides dietary energy: 2.6 kilocalories (11 kilojoules) per gram versus the average 4 kilocalories (17 kilojoules) for carbohydrates. It is often used in diet foods (including diet drinks and ice cream), mints, cough syrups, and sugar-free chewing gum. It also occurs naturally in many stone fruits and berries from trees of the genus Sorbus. Sorbitol often is used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. Sorbitol often is used in mouthwash and toothpaste. Some transparent gels can be made only with sorbitol, as it has a refractive index sufficiently high for transparent formulations. It is also used frequently in "sugar free" chewing gum. Sorbitol sometimes is used as a sweetener and humectant in cookies and other foods that are not identified as "dietary" items.

Malto Dextrin Powder (MDP)
MDP ( Malto Dextrin Powder is produced using Spray Drier Plant, The components used are of very high quality and the material is untouched by hand throughout the manufacturing process.

We offer a comprehensive range of Starch Syrups available in different packaging materials, retaining nutritious value and other physical properties. Organically processed, we manufacture Starch Syrups in a purely natural way without using chemicals. Packed in fine quality plastic bottles and barrels we offer wholesale pack of bottles at economical prices.
Liquid Glucose
Liquid Glucose is made from Enzymatic liquification of starch . It is a transparent thick liquid just like honey and finds its use in a number of uses like biscuit manufacturing, confectioneries , candies , Ice creams etc.


Starch is being produced at Sadasat Corn Products (P) Limited.

The product is of very high quality and is being supplied to Food, Textile , Paper and Food Industry

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